One of the closest kept secrets of the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympics was finally revealed on Tuesday!

VANOC announced the headline performers for the nightly Vancouver Victory Ceremonies and probably to parallel the eventual medal results, some are winners and some are losers.
Each of the nights are sponsored by different provinces or territories

Nelly Furtado (British Columbia)- Not amazing live, but if the concert is outdoors and the mood is right, she’ll be a blast.
Great Big Sea (Newfoundland and Labrador)- This one is a no brainer. This will be the can’t miss concert of the Games!
Burton Cummings (Manitoba) A Canadian legend, at a historic Canadian event. The perfect combination.
Barenaked Ladies (Nova Scotia) Um..pretty sure they are from Ontario, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. It’s the Barenaked Ladies!!! This has been a weird sentence.
Hedley (PEI) I have several points to make on this one:
1) Have these ever said no to a show. I’m pretty sure I could invite them to celebrate me opening my mail and they would show up.
2) How are they representing PEI? I don’t think these BC natives even visit the island on their national tours.
3) Just a reminder that their new songs are absolutely dreadul. Don’t Talk to Strangers? How about you don’t talk to me!
Theory of a Deadman (NWT) What, was Nickelback not available? Actually, I’ll glady take Theory of Deadman over Nickelback. Consider this a worthy sacrifice.
Trooper & Loverboy (Nunavut) OMG!!!! Your secretary that still uses hairspray and wears cat sweaters on dates will be so excited!!!!!!
Click here to see the whole list! Tickets range from $22 to $50.
And yes, New Brunswick is missing off of the list. I’m not really sure why, but I’m guessing Shawn Graham had something to do with it. “The Olympics? Do people still watch those? I have bad hair.” Or something to that effect.

Mike Morrison