If you know one thing about this blog, you know that I hate to proof-read.  You also know that I’m very proud to cover all things Canadian.  I think this country is amazing and rarely gets the attention I feel it deserves.  I love living here….sometimes.

I’m sorry friends but today is a day where I’m sorta regretting living in Canada!  Today is one of those days where I just wished I lived in the USA!  What is causing this mood?  No, it has nothing to do with wanting to shop at Target.  As with many things in my life, the cause of today’s strife is The Muppets, more specifically how much I want one.

Maybe I should explain.

You know the toy store FAO Schwarz in NYC?  Well they’ve launched a special webstore where you can actually make your own Muppet online and for $99 they will send it to you!  Only $99 for a personalized Muppet? You get to pick the colour, hair, eyes, nose and costume!  Ummmm….YES PLEASE. (I made the guy to your right.)  There is only one problem: They’ll only ship in the USA!  Is my postal code really going to be the only thing that stops me from finally owning my own Muppet?  Yeah, sadly I think it is.

Consider this blogger heartbroken.

So for now, I’m having a blast playing on the site and making dozens upon dozens of Muppets, I seriously can’t get enough!  So congrats americans, you win this round.  Now go enjoy your Muppets and try not to rub it in!

Mike Morrison


  1. Have them deliver it to True Value Hardware in Calais, ME and get your Mommy to go pick it up. I have everything I purchase from ebay delivered there, as shipping costs up here are ridiculous.

  2. I was in NYC and made my own muppet! She’s sitting in my office looking at me right now! I’ve always wanted to get her a friend….wonder why they won’t ship to Cananda??


  3. If you really really want one – send it to me and I will happily forward it to you. You know as a loyal reader for several years that I would do that for you.

    email me – or send me a message on facebook if you are serious and I will send you my address.

    OR talk to your buddies at EW.com. Maybe Dalton will get you one.


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