>Here are the answers to this weekends New Years themed most pressing questions.

Did I go skiing at Sunshine and get hit in the back of the head with a chair lift? Yes.

Did we sneak into the Spa and enjoy way beyond our means? Yes.

Was this the last sunset of 2006? Yes.

Were we too mature to pretend we weren’t in a James Bond movie? No.

Were the girls jealous? Yes.

Why do I look so aggresive in this pic? I thought I misplaced my drink. It was in my hand.

Was this girl annorexic? Yes.

Did I convice these girls I was the New Years baby? I didn’t have to.

Did I, at one point or another, have 3 different hats on? Yes!

Did I end the night with two beautiful women in a bed? No, they kicked me out right after this picutre!

Mike Morrison