>UPDATE: Frank of the Freeway and Meg Morning Show had to call in sick today, so the radio bit isn’t happening to day, but it will be happening hopefully Wednesday or Thursday.

I usually try to write this blog at night time. That way when people get to work/school/wake up they’ll have something new to read.

But today is a little different. I’m soooo freaking nervous about the being on the radio tomorrow morning with Energy 101.5 that I really can’t focus on anything but that. I know I’ve done some stuff with them before but I like working with them so much I can’t help but be nervous.
So I’m coping out tonight. I saw this hilarious video about a baby singing The Beatles and this will have to do until tomorrow when I can breath right again.
Be sure to listen to Energy 101.5 tomorrow morning around 8:10am (11:10am in the maritimes). Don’t forget you can listen online too. Also, I’ve been bumped or moved around before, I hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow…but I’m sorry if it does!

Other things on my mind:
-I can’t believe the Junos are next weekend. Yeah, I’m nervous about that too.
-I also can’t believe that I leave for Hong Kong 3 days after the Junos. I’m even more nervous for that.
-How exciting is it that Stella (Sarah Chalke) might be Ted’s wife on How I Met Your Mother? After all we know the wife was at the St. Paddy’s party and left early. And so did the Stella. Interesting. Maybe once Scrubs is done…..
-Why is it that Lauren, Whitney and Audrina (The Hills) cannot read cue cards for the life of them?
-Seriously who wants to do my taxes?
-A new life goal: Make Chelsea Handler laugh out loud.
OK. Enough of worrying about things out of my control. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Mike Morrison