As many people know most of Canada has been snowed in like it was Kate Moss’ apartment. I’m currently in New Brunswick for the holidays.

My friends and I in the middle of surviving literally the WORST STORM I have ever seen in my life. It is officially a blizzard and my friends and I were lucky enough to find one of the last cabs available when they were pulled off the room.

I got lots of pictures and videos and will post them as soon as I get home and my camera cable.
When I get home will be anyone’s guess.

So what is going on right now?

Five of us will be spending the night in my friend’s Francis’ apartment. Oh sweet jesus there is a bird flying around this place. The bird’s name is Chester. My friends Cat and Michelle and I are having hot chocolate. Michelle’s boyfriend, Andrew, is wearing penguin pyjamas…..in fact we are all in Francis’ pyjamas. It’s kinda like her high school days.

Good luck to everyone surviving this storm. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have great friends to put them up for the night. Stay warm and safe!

Check out the images so far here.

Oh and are awesome cabby said he had a blog and I said I would give him a shout out. I cannot find it so far, but I’ll keep looking!

Mike Morrison