Okay so I’m taking a moment to get a little personal here. You can make fun of me in the comments section.
Yesterday, I got a curious text message from my friend Tiffany, saying to look in the Globe and Mail. When I eventually found one (not an easy thing in Calgary), I was completely shocked and overwhelmed to see my name and this blog used in an advertisement for the new CBC show, Republic of Doyle!
Here is a picture with my iphone:

Now I realized to the seasoned (and usually cranky) journalist, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But for a blogger, this is HUGE. Like a complete nerd, I picked up five copies and have plans to frame it. (The add also showed up in the Toronto Star and Metro.)

To seasoned journalists, the same ones that never ask questions in the press rooms and roll their eyes every time they hear the word “blog”, this would definitely not be a big deal to them. But to me? Well I wish I could say that I didn’t tear up right there in Safeway.

Every since I started this blog, I’ve lost track of how many times I have to say that I’m not the Canadian-Perez Hilton. For the most part, Perez writes about pure trash. And while I’ve been known to gossip every now and then, I really like to think of Mike’s Bloggity Blog as a source for all things Canadian entertainment and sometimes, a little more.
It’s hard for a blogger to get credibility in the media world. We are ALWAYS on the bottom the totem poll. The amazing Elaine (Lainey) Liu from Lainey Gossip being one of the exceptions. If you don’t read her blog, you should. She is hilarious and has been ridiculously helpful to me and the development of my own blog.
So I just wanted to say thanks to the CBC for giving bloggers like me a chance. It would have been easy to use my quote for a shitty show didn’t get any positive reviews. But Doyle got solid reviews from all the major papers, and to have my blog quoted is truly an honor.

If I don’t say it enough, thanks to everyone for checking out Mike’s Bloggity Blog. Thanks for telling your friends about it and most of all, thanks putting up with my shitty grammar!

Happy Thursday!

and personal moment done.

Mike Morrison