OIt’s Thursday night and my good friend Megan has come over to watch the Democratic election. I know, I was surprised too. But who can’t watch hours upon hours of CNN with a nice bottle of El Felino Malbec.

The conflict I am facing is this. Megan is sitting right beside me and I am trying so hard to be interested in what Barak is saying and or doing, but all I can think about it is how much closer I am to the double eviction episode of Big Brother! I tried to tell her how exciting it was when they do an HoH ceremony, the nominations, the veto, the veto ceremony and the elimination all in 30 minutes but she didn’t seem to care.

So here I am stuck in my own living room, like a prisoner on Prison Break, left to find something interesting in politics. I have to find ways to pass the time until Michelle’s elimination. I count how many times Obama said “thank you” in the first 90 seconds: 32;* I pretend that I have laundry to do so I can leave the room. And I listen to Megan’s random thoughts during the famous speech “eliminate hyundai, honda..whatever that is okay”. I’m fairly certain she has no idea what she is talking about, but her vocabulary is impressive, so here I sit.

But I should get back to the speech, I told her I had to go online to sign a petition to save dolphins or cory feldman, or something. I think she is getting suspicious.

*Megan taught me what a semi-colon was!!! I forget already.

9 minutes until Julie Chen. Can she run for president?

Mike Morrison