I know a lot of people hate Air Canada. Especially during the holidays. But my relationship with them has always been strong, even though they lose my luggage every.single.time. This past trip home, being no exception.

So why do I love them so much? Their entertainment system. I know, I know. It is a foolish thing to base a relationship on, but for me it is very important. It is sort of like how other people value trust or repect, I value tv-shows and movies. I love having so much choice and not having to be stuck watching whatever WestJet’s satellites can pick up.
This weekend’s trip from Fredericton offered me the opportunity to enjoy the on-board entertainment system for a solid six hours. Since I hate watching movies on such a tiny screen, I usually use the opportunity to discover new shows. Last year, I found Big Bang Theory and on this past trip, I discovered Nurse Jackie.
I had heard of this show in passing, but was depressed by the premise of a nurse who is addicted to drugs and who is also married with kids, and at the same time, sleeping with the hospital’s pharmacist. See what I mean?
But the show is good and the darkly funny. When trying to decide is a show is funny, I always gauge the jokes by thinking: “Could I ever, possibly think of that joke.” If I answer no, the show is usually in my good graces. Nurse Jackie is more than in my good graces. I love every second of this show. The cast is pitch perfect and the shows story lines are better than most hospital dramas.
Air Canada had the shows first six episodes available to watch and I devoured faster than the flight’s peanut-free peanuts.
The show is currently airing repeats of it’s first season on The Movie Channel and it comes on DVD in February.
By whatever means necessary, watch this show. I’m hooked. Good thing I’m not a nurse.

Mike Morrison


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