I’ve made it no secret about how much I love Laguna Beach and The Hills. Since I last wrote about it, it’s gotten even worse. By this I mean lunch time viewings of my favorite episodes on MTV.ca Today, I’m happy to bring you the preview for the newest Laguna Beach, only this time those sneaky producers have moved down the beach to Newport Harbor. TV savvy fans will note that this is where the FOX TV show The OC took place. Have a look at the season preview. I don’t know about it, I’m not completely sold on it. Maybe I’ll limit my viewings of each episode to the low “teens”.

Also, MTV Canada has also announced that August 13th will be the premiere date for the 3rd season of the highly addictive The Hills. The first episode will be one hour long along with the hour Aftershow. Which let’s face it, is almost as good as the freakin’ show itself.

Here is an interesting interview with the secrets of how “real” the Hills really is with the souless Heidi and Devil spawn Spencer. Click Here.

If anyone knows how they can get me a seat on the Aftershow please don’t keep it a secret!

BONUS: For all you Spencer haters out there (isn’t that everyone?) check out this piece of info! Go Brody!

Mike Morrison