>Back in February CTV launched their annual Media Idol auditions as a companion piece to Canadian Idol.  Media is essentially the same thing but it’s for members of the media and when/if they when the money goes to the charity of their choice.

Well my friends at Energy 101.5 got their morning show producer Ian to be their representative and wouldn’t you know it, he actually won for the city of Calgary!!!  That means that this past weekend he flew to Toronto for the full Idol treatment and on Monday night’s Idol you’ll be able to see him and the winners from all the major centres all over Canada compete for the title of Media Idol.  So after you see him sing on Monday night you have to make sure you go to the Media Idol website and vote like there was no tomorrow.
Ian’s charity of choice is The Kids Help Phone and I’m so excited for him to sing in front of the entire country!  Pretty crazy if you ask me. 
Good Luck Ian!

Mike Morrison