>Let’s be honest with each other, The Hills hasn’t really been that great lately. But tonight’s episode was only slightly above mediocre, I like to think Whitney was a huge part of this. While watching it tonight, I found it important to take notes.

1. Dearest Lauren, please stand up when you meet Marc Jacobs (your apparent Idol)
2. Yes Whitney, that dress was very very dressy.
3. Frankie you are really cool, bad hair and all. I might start you a fan club.
4. Nearly a Heidi-free episode. Dreams can come true.
5. If that’s how Vogue reacts to a “great” meeting, I’d hate to see how they act when the meeting goes sour.

Oh did I tell you that there is a chance that I might be able to meet Brody Jenner next week? yes, I’m going to shave his head. Shh, don’t tell him.

Side note: How many languages do the writers of Heroes actually know. Tonight I counted, English, Spanish, Ukrainian and Manderine oh and Texan.

Mike Morrison