Jay Onrait is many things to many people. For thousands, maybe millions who watched his TSN coverage on Sportscentre and the Olympics, he’s the hilarious anchorman who turned the same old sports show into a hybrid of a late night talk show. He’s also the guy who, when Fox Sports offered him and his co-anchor Dan O’Toole an opportunity of a lifetime in L.A, he couldn’t turn it down.

For me, and others who don’t really know/care about sports, he’s that guy that has seemingly worked his way up from the very bottom to, what I consider, the very top and he’s written a hilarious booked called Anchorboy to tell us how he did it. I started reading it last week, because I’ve always enjoyed following Jay’s tweets and remember how funny he was during CTV’s Olympic coverage and since then, I haven’t put the book down. For someone like me who loves TV, there probably hasn’t been a more interesting book to read about the Canadian television industry. Full of tips, tricks and hilarious stories from a guy who pretty much worked at every station in western Canada, before being called up to the big leagues (TSN), I really think that if you even want to consider working in the entertainment industry, it’s a must read. One point that stuck with me the most is when Onrait explains that if you want to work in broadcasting be prepared to work when everyone else is off.


Earlier today, I asked Jay if he wanted to do a Twitterview to talk about his new book, the move to L.A and what he thinks lies ahead for TSN. Below are the tweets. Enjoy and make sure you pick up Anchorboy, you won’t be disappointed!





















Mike Morrison


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