Finally a crack in the Jonas Trifecta has emerged!

Box Office experts were expectig the Jonas Brother’s 3D concert movie to rake in big big big bucks this past weekend. Instead they got their ass handed to them by Tyler Perry and life couldn’t be sweeter.

The movie was expected to take in about $40 million bucks, instead it raked in only $12.7 million. In the years I have been following box office stats, I don’t think I have ever seen a movie fall so below expectations. The hype behind this movie was huge and even up until Friday it looked like it was going to trample all things Miley Cyrus, but at some point over the weekend, tweens smartened up and decided to keep their money in their pockets. Tweens have brains! Who knew?

Because The Jonas movie was such a flop Tyler Perry’s cultural phenomenom Madea Goes To Jail, was able to stay in the #1 position for the second week in a row.

Now if we could just take care of those annoying twins, I would finally be able to sleep at tnight.

Mike Morrison