Hide the toilet bowls and soda crackers, Canada’s Next Top Model is back tonight!

The third cycle, (cycle? seriously) premieres tonight on CTV and bleach doused host Jay Manuel is returning as host.
I’m not going to waste your time going through the models but I do feel it important for you to note that there is a girl named Nikita.  Sadly, Rebeccah and Linsay are each doomed to fail because their parent’s are awful spellers.
If you can’t watch tonight, don’t worry CTV won’t let you escape CNTM.  You can also watch the anorexia-fest on Wednesdays on Star! and FashionTelevision, once more on Thursdays on MTV and then AGAIN Fridays at  ‘A’!
That’s right you can watch the same episode 5 different times a week!
Yet still no sign of a Canadian Survivor or The Amazing Race!  Maybe I need to start spelling my name Myke to start making that happen.

Mike Morrison