On Sunday night, True Blood, easily the most talked about show of the past couple of months, wrapped up it’s second season. Fans and the media alike have become obsessed with the show about modern day vampires. Everyone seems to be talking about it. Everyone but me.
Unfortunately, True Blood has become yet another “iconic” television show that seems to have passed me by. And not for any particular reason. I was one of the biggest advocates for Buffy and the last two seasons of Angel, so I’m not exactly sure why I’m not dying to watch this show. Maybe it’s because the hype has become impossibly high, anything less than stellar and I might as well be watching an episode of According to Jim. I guess, I’m just worried it’s going to suck, pun intended. And now that the second season finale of the vampire show has passed, it now joins a long list of shows that I’m frequently embarrassed to admit, I’ve never seen.
The Sopranos: Out of all the shows that I’ve missed out on, Sopranos is the one that I honestly don’t think I’ll ever end up watching. Simply by picking up a newspaper or magazine in the past couple of years, I’m pretty sure I could tell you what happens and what’s the point in watching a show that everyone knows ends badly. Even I know that was a cop-out. (Ironically.)

Mad Men: John Hamm is everywhere nowadays- everywhere but my TV. I once tried to get into this show and watched what I thought was the pilot episode. Turns out it was the first episode of the third season. Between confusion and frustration, I simply gave up. And you don’t have to tell me what I’m missing out on. The show’s 16 Emmy nominations speak loud and clear.

Six Feet Under: This one is funny because I actually own the first season of Six Feet Under, another one of Alan Ball’s other critically acclaimed show. It has been sitting on my shelf since I found it at WalMart for $18 almost two years ago. As with The Sopranos, I know how this one ends, simply because of the media attention it had received when it had wrapped up a couple of years ago. I guess the first season will continue to sit on my shelf, unless we have a really crappy winter.

Weeds: This is another show where I already own the first season but I’ve never found the time, or managed to muster up the effort required to actually watch it. And there is no reason not to love it. Like many of these shows, it has won tons of awards and garnered some critical praise, but between Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives, I may have reached my crazy-suburban mom quota for the season.

Mike Morrison