There are several things in life that i will not put up with. They include: Using public washrooms, paying $50 for a tshirt, watching According to Jim and celebrities “accidentally” putting out home made porn movies.

Today celebrities crossed a line. Ladies and Gentlemen may I present the newest “victim” of a released “home movie”.

I’ll give you a moment………………………

Now keep in mind, I walk to work every morning and every morning under the overpasses of downtown Calgary I pass at least three new piles of vomit. But my stomach could barely handle the thought of this movie being out there. Now I have some more information for you. The movie includes Screech (Dustin Diamond) with not one, but TWO girls. (Take another moment.) Worse yet, the name of this movie which is currently being shopped around is called………Saved by the Smell. ( I struggled to even type it.)
This has pretty much ruined my day.

Mike Morrison