>First things first! Thanks to Colin for writing a stellar blog for American Idol. Even though I didn’t understand half the words he used in the first two paragraphs. I normally try to stay to the two syllable rule….but what can I say? That kid is going to the Vancouver Film School next month. He means business. I would be nervous about him taking over this thing, but luckily my name is in the title. That’s right, I’m using the Grey’s Anatomy, Ally McBeal and Malcolm in the Middle rule. Suck on that.

Anyways, thanks again Colin! I can’t wait to read what happens with Idol next week!

Which brings me to my next point. In a few short hours (7 to be exact), I will be boarding a plane that will then take me to a little place called Hong Kong! That’s right, it’s already that time of year. That time when Michael begins to question his life choices, begins talking in the 3rd person and instead of dealing with said issues, buys a ticket and avoids his problems by getting another stamp on his passport. Ahhh it must be Spring.

I’m really excited about this trip. Well at least I was. Let me explain. Ever since the Hills came back a couple of weeks ago I’ve been nervous about leaving. I mean everyone made such a big deal about Lauren leaving LA for five days. She kept telling us that things would be so different and that Paris changes people. Then when she returned her life would be changed forever! And that was only for 5 days! What the hell is going to happen if I am gone for 15 days? Will my Tivo start cheating on me? Will Sally (the Saturn) decide that she can’t wait for me and get that oil change without me? And what about my plants?

Damn you Lauren Conrad.

But I guess I can’t control and worry about everything. All joking aside I am super pumped for this trip. This will be my first time going to Asia and I honestly can’t possibly imagine what it will be like. I mean sure I did eat at Manchu Wok this weekend, but how much does that really prepare a man?

When I come back we will be short three Idols. 30 Rock and The Office will have returned. We will have a new Biggest Loser and that very night Grey’s Anatomy and Lost will make their triumphant returns. What could be a better welcome back gift? (A new wardrobe mom, that is what would make a better welcome home gift).

I will be updating good ol’ Mikes Bloggity Blog Blob while I’m away as often as possible. I think most of the places I will be staying will have computers handy so I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop.

So keep reading and start getting ready for May. I think I got some things lined up for the good ol’ Blog that will change things forever. Gee, I could write for the Hills!


Mike Morrison