So it was very last minute (it was supposed to be Friday-ahh showbiz), but I was on Breakfast Television this morning talking about all the things you can do this coming Sunday (Superbowl Sunday) that are non-related to the Superbowl, in case, oh I don’t know, you hated sports!

Here are the links to the all the things I talked about. The video should be up later on tonight!

Time Wasters:
Superbowl Ads (the past 10 years)
30 Second Bunny Movies

For the Family
Storybook Theatre’s The Golden Pears

For the Couple
Workshop Theatre’s Bedtime Stories
(Personal story: the director, Bill Torrie, was the first person to give me a break in Calgary and he does amazing work. Plus the play is written by Frederictonian Norm Foster!)

Pretend You Were There:
Stix Sports Bar’s Wii Sport Tournament

History Buffs
Marilyn: Forever Blond @ The Glenbow

If you end up going to any of these events, tell them Mike sent you! It won’t make a difference, I’ve just always wanted someone to say that!

Mike Morrison