So far my life has been pretty recession proof, I’ve always been too immature to own property, I have no idea what an economic portfolio even means and all my money is tied up in Buffy and Veronica Mars DVDs. Hell I still giggle every time I hear the words “stimulus package”.

Not that I don’t empathize with all the people being laid off, but so far, I have been lucky. I mean sure it hurt that Pushing Daisies was cancelled but I’m just choosing to move past it and not dwell.

But on Friday it was announced that Canwest was putting E! Canada up for sale and that if they didn’t sell it in the next two months, the fairly new network would cease to exist. The network is blaming poor ad sales, which in turn can be blamed on the shittier than a B4-4 reunion tour economy.

For the most part E! plays some pretty crappy shows but what makes me really scared is the thought of losing The Soup. I freaking love the Soup probably more than half of my Itunes library. It’s a great recap to the week and I look forward to watching it every sunday morning in my pyjamas whilst eating Fruit Loops. The Soup makes me say words like whilst.

The only show I might love more than the Soup is E!’s Chelsea Lately, which features the foul mouthed Chelsea Handler lampooning celebrities to their faces and they love her for it.

So please, if you have several millions of dollars and you don’t want to give it to me, that’s fine, but please save The Soup and Chelsea Lately. You can get rid of the vomit inducing The Dish, but please save The Soup and Chelsea!

Or Africa. Whatever.

Mike Morrison