The Calgary Zoo announced today that their first attempted at breeding penguins has failed.

Last month, King penguin Asa laid an egg, however, a few days ago she moving around and the egg fell off of her feet. The egg cracked and after an attempt to save it, the penguin accidentally knocked into into the pool. Bah!

This story makes me so incredibly sad and at the same time, even more fascinated with these animals. Although my only knowledge of the birds is what I learned from March of the Penguins and both Happy Feet movie, penguins seem to be as mysterious as they are fun to watch. According to The Calgary Herald, Zoo keepers examined the egg and found no sign of development.The zoo also announced that they will continue with their efforts with the breeding program.I haven’t been to the new Calgary Zoo exhibit yet, but I certainly feel for the those working with the penguins.

My fingers are crossed that we’ll have a baby penguin soon!In honour of the efforts of Asa, here is my favourite moment from Happy Feet!

Mike Morrison