CBC’s Newsworld is going to look a lot different, starting right….about…..NOW.

The news channel just went through a complete overhaul and they are revealing the results to Canadians starting today. First off, the channel is now called CBC News Network. (Not to be outdone, CBC Radio’s World Report also launches a new format and a new host, veteran foreign correspondent Peter Armstrong.) Again, seriously, how do I keep missing these auditions?!
But back to Newswor….sorry, CBC News Network. To all you Peter Mansbridge fans out there, don’t worry your pretty little heads off, because Peter Mansbridge is sticking around and apparently will be leading an “expanded roster of correspondents.” One of them will be Wendy Meseley who will be doing a FAQ-type segment. Mansbridge and Meseley together again? Like that won’t be awkward! (click here to find out the gossip.)
The network will also play host to a bunch of new shows including The Land and O’Leary Exchange, Power & Politics with Evan Soloman and Connect with Mark Kelley (above photo).
I’m also hearing rumours that CBC is making a reality show that will help them choose names for their TV shows that are uber-lame. Good Luck with that.
For more about the new CBC News Network, check out Out is Through

Mike Morrison