Every Tuesday, I try to talk about new music that have been released that day. The problem with that today is that there isn’t anything worth mentioning. It’s a slow day for new releases. Sure, other (more boring) blogs will talk about the New Moon Soundtrack, but not me. I’d rather take a second to tell you about some music that’s already out.

  • Andy Browns False Alarm is easily one of the strongest independent albums I’ve ever heard. Hey Maple, Universal or Sony, you guys are missing out!
  • Toronto’s Lights released debut disc The Listening back in September and since then it has been on my Ipod’s heavy rotation. And I’m the not only one, it currently has a 5 star rating on Itunes!
  • I’m waiting for this weekend to see the movie, but the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack is perfection. Not canadian, I know. But none the less, perfection.
  • Also, any fans of Bon Iver must must MUST listen to their last live show “for a while.” I’d like to say that I didn’t cry, but I would be a filthy liar.

Mike Morrison