With the days getting shorter, the temperatures getting colder and the snow getting deeper, all eyes are on Canada’s mountain towns, which bring in thousands of enthusiasts every day. With all those people…and all that money, it was only a matter of time before someone created a reality show about the loves, lives, the work and yes, drama that comes with living in the mountains, especially Whistler!

The minds behind The Real Housewives series have created a new show called Apres Ski, which premieres on Slice on Tuesday, November 17 at 11pm ET/8pm PT. The series follows Canadian hospitality mogul Joey Gibbons as he creates a luxurious concierge company offering one-of-a-kind vacation packages complete with unforgettable experiences, from backcountry heli-skiing and hot springs spa treatments, to fine dining aboard a gondola (sign me up!).

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The show looks like an amazing showcase for Whistler (well done, BC tourism), but it also looks like just a fun silly show to watch. It harkens back to the days of The Hills, Laguna Beach and the often forgotten The City, all of which perfectly mixed reality with a little producer-nudging to make lives just dramatic enough to make for good TV.

But this isn’t the first time Whistler was the focus of a reality show. Anyone remember the Canadian version of The Hills called Whistler. I remember loving it, but I also remember being the only person that watched it, which is likely why it aired only one season.

Let’s do down memory lane, shall we?

I’ll definitely give Apres Ski a watch, if for no other reason to get some travel ideas for Whistler, because it really does look awesome!

Mike Morrison