>Sometimes people call me bossy. And I’m totally cool with that. Especially if I am telling you to listen to great, great music. Here is a friendly example:

Last week I wrote about Jason Bajada and our matching sweaters. Well wouldn’t you know it, I just got his new video in my inbox and it’s a must watch.
The video is for the song, Tired of Talking, which can be found on Bajada’s newest disc called Loveshit. The working title was Mike’s High School Love Life, but it was determined to be too long.
It’s actually pretty cool video because the whole thing was shot by Anton Josef on a Canon DSLR camera. Asides from reminding me that I have no idea how my Canon works, the video is another example of how inventive Canadian musicians are becoming in effort to get their music out there!

Can you do that with your camera? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Follow jason on twitter or check him out on myspace. And to remember BUY his album.

Mike Morrison