SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS: Jenna Lewis, Ethan Zohn, Rupert Boneham and Jerri Manthey of the Sabogo tribe during during the immunity challenge where Jenna Morasca quits. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS CBS ©2004 CBS BROADCASTING Inc. All Right Reserved. This image may not be sold, distributed, stored or archived by any organization or person. This image is for editorial use only, in North America only (United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean Islands). Editorial publication is not permitted after June 30, 2004. For usage of this image outside the above terms and conditions, please contact CBS via email at: or via fax at 212/975-3338.

The. Day. Has. Finally. Come.

Ever since streaming services started popping up a few years ago, I’ve been patiently waiting for the day that I could close all my curtains, throw my phone away and spend hours, days, weeks watching and re-watching old episodes of Survivor.

And well, today is that day.

CBS All Access has launched in Canada, joining other streaming services like Netflix, Crave, Prime Video and BritBox.  This is where I feel like I must remind you that Shomi was before its time and I still miss it very much.

While all of the streaming services had something to offer, none of them offered them old seasons of Survivor but now that’s all changed.  Now, like me, you can watch all 36 seasons of the show that’s still just as good as it was when it premiered all those years ago. Yes, 36 seasons.

If I’m ever lucky enough to give a Ted Talk, it will be about how Survivor is the most accurate show that show’s human behaviour to hit the airwaves. Don’t @ me, unless you agree with me.

Other shows available on the CBS All Access  that are sure to stroke your nostalgia include: Melrose Place, Becker, 90210, Caroline In The City, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, I Love Lucy and so much more!

Okay, I’m already wasting too much time!  Hold on Survivor: All Stars, I’m starting with you first!

ps. Can we get a Survivor for Canadians already please. It’s beyond ridiculous. 

Mike Morrison