>CBC debuts it’s second new show of the week tonight with Wild Roses! (Being Erica premiered last night And how much did you love it?)

I’ve actually had the screener for the first episode on my coffee table for the past month.  I know I should have watched it before but the idea of another drama about cowboys in Alberta was almost too much for me to handle. It’s alberta, there’s cowboys, we get it! But this weekend, I settled down in my comfy pyjamas and decided to give it a shot.  I guess it was kinda like going on a date, not because you wanted to, but because it was the nice thing to do.
The drama takes place and is filmed in and around Calgary and tells the story of two families that have a sorted past at best.  I’m going to be brutally honest and say the first twenty minutes were rough.  The show throws almost a dozen characters at you with little explanation to who anyone is and why we should keep watching past the first few commercial breaks.
But I’m also going to tell you that Wild Roses ends up being well worth your time.  Especially once you get a quick family tree history courtesy of series star Sarah Power, a tube of lipstick and some old family pictures.  
Wild Roses is the story of two families with a LOT of history clashing over land, love and loyalty.  The families are the wealthy Kennedy-esque McGregors and the debt-ridden Henrys. Trust me when I tell you that these two families have enough drama, secrets and sex to make even Gossip Girl blush.  
As someone who has lived in Calgary for the past three and a half years (gulp!), I’ve always struggled with the huge gap between the lower middle class and those upper class Calgarians who are newly wealthy (and are bad drivers).  This show is a provocative look into the lives of those who have benefited and have become victims of the Alberta boom.  
And it would be impossible to not mention the true star of the series: the scenery.  Wow.  Even if you’ve lived in Alberta your entire life, it would be impossible to not be impressed by the scenic shots that frame the show.  Oh and can we talk about those houses?!  Sweet lord, if you are ever looking for a house sitter, call me! My apartment doesn’t even have a bathroom in it. No joke.
I’m also going to say that Amy Lalonde, who plays the spoiled and yet stunning Rebecca McGregor is the one to watch on this show.  She is truly captivating and I’m not just saying that because I think she is the first naked person I have ever seen on CBC.  Don Cherry doesn’t count, right?  We are lucky that our American counterparts haven’t scooped her up yet!
I’m not sure if I am ready to add Wild Roses to my Tivo season pass list just yet, but I’m certainly going to give it a chance.  Afterall I did watch an entire season of One Tree Hill last year. Shudder
Wild Roses premieres tonight on CBC.
Check out the title sequence for the series. Sure the song has nothing to do with the show but still fun.

Mike Morrison