>So this is what it’s come down to. I told you to watch Drive and you didn’t and now it’s been Cancelled. You are going to regret it. I bet I’d have more sway if I could my readership above 100 a day. Oh well, I digress.

So last night as I was washing my kitchen floors, yes on a Saturday night when I heard my new favorite song come on the TV and ran in to see it. It’s Augustana’s “Boston” and it was playing for a new ABC show called “Traveller.” I must say this show looks pretty interesting. Actually the plot is pretty controversial, so I’m suprised it’s actually airing. I’ve posted it below. It’s only a minute, so watch it even if it’s just to listen to the song. (Facebookers click here to watch it.)

Come to think of it, I might love it just because I LOVE hearing the ABC guy announcing my birthday. (May 10th, in case you didn’t pick it up!)

Mike Morrison