Attack in Black is a canadian band that has been getting HUGE international buzz and they are in the midst of a cross country tour right now.  Tomorrow night, they are playing at the Palomino in Calgary and then some shows in the prairies, all over Ontario before they head to Quebec.

Since I’m always on the search for awesome Canadian music, I’m really happy about this find. What I think is kick ass about Attack in Black is that their music is really strong mix of melodic folk and rock. Their songs aren’t dreary and depressing, even the ones that are about being dreary and depressed. Checking out their Myspace, you can experience their broad range in just a couple of songs.

If you are a fan of City and Colour (and who isn’t), you should have an extra appreciation of Attack in Black because two of it’s members, Spencer Burton and Daniel Romano, were major contributers to the last Dallas Green album, Bring me Your Love.

Attack in Black’s newest CD, Years by One Thousand Fingertips, was just released a couple of weeks ago. They’ll even be releasing it on LP very soon!

Check out their video here:

Update from Steve (who writes an entire blog about burgers!): 

Years (by One Thousand Fingertips) is out on vinyl; i’m not sure if it’s in record stores across Canada yet, but you can definitely get it from their distributor (mymerch i think?)

Mike Morrison