If you live in Calgary and you’ve never heard of Jocelyn Alice and Lisa Jacobs, well then colour me surprised. Both are uber-talented musicians who individually have very successful careers. Now, they’ve teamed up to become a duo and they are releasing their first album this Monday, December 3rd at the Ironwood.

The album is called “Weary Warrior” and from what I’ve heard from the already released EP, we are in for a musical treat. If there are vocals more emotional then Alice’s, I haven’t heard them. The deep beat added by Jacobs’ bass is addictive. Seriously, have a listen, you’ll be instantly hooked.

Take a listen to their latest single “Preach.”

See what I mean. Absolutely stirring. So lucky to have them living here in Calgary.

If you wanna see them live, Monday’s CD launch kicks off at 7:30pm at the Ironwood. Tickets are $15.

Random: Anyone else notice that their names are all typical first names?

Photo: Maria Lykouris

Mike Morrison