Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m happy introduce you to my first album of 2011!

Chances are you got some gift cards for HMV or Itunes in your stocking this past Christmas.  If you still have some left, would you mind if I made a little suggestion for you?  It’s only about $9.90 on Itunes and if her new album, Honeymoon Punch, is anything like her last album then it might be the best $9.90 you spend this year!

If you’re a fan of CBC Radio 3 than you are no stranger to the Halifax-native and Heartland fans might recognize her as the voice of the theme for Heartland.

It doesn’t look like Jenn has lots in terms of touring but according to her website, she’ll be playing the beautiful Rebecca Cohn Theatre in Halifax at the end of the month.  (Anyone want to fly me there?)

I haven’t heard any of the songs from the new disc but you know how sometimes you just know that albums are going to be great?  Yeah, that would be Jenn Grant’s Honeymoon Punch.

Buy it today, thank me later.

Mike Morrison


  1. She got a good review in the Globe and Mail on Saturday, and they are usually very cranky, so it must be good!

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