>I stumbled upon two movie trailers over the past couple of days. One of them made me very happy and excited. The other made me want to injure myself or someone that sorta looks like me.

The Good:
The Mummy-Tomb of The Dragon Emperor

Look, I know people don’t really like The Mummy movies. Well, actually people don’t like the sequels. There is simply no denying the greatness of the first Mummy movie back in 1999. The second one was pretty rough and I couldn’t even find the time to bother seeing The Scorpion King and I virtually have no life or plans, so I think that says something.

Maybe it is that same something that has me pretty excited about the newest Mummy movie starring Brandon Fraser but sadly no Rachel Weisz. It looks like she decided that chasing Oscars was more important than dead people, which I guess you have to admire (Maria Bello steps in as Evelyn Carnahan). John Hannah also didn’t seem to mind chasing more dead things as he also returns as Evy’s smart alec brother. The Mummy 3 looks like exactly the kind of movie we’ll need during those hot summer months when the only air conditioned retreats are movie theatres and libraries. Hahaha, just joking, obviously no one goes to the libraries anymore.

The Bad:
Disaster Movie

As someone who is lazy, there is nothing I hate more than lazy people. And as a movie fan, there is nothing more lazy than a spoof movie. Especially when they are about movies that aren’t even out yet. And what frustrates me the most is that these movies actually make OK moolah at the box office. I would like to know who is seriously going to these movies. While it is probably safe to assume it is probably Nickelback fans and GED holders alike, I have to wonder: why? I loved Scary Movie , I thought it was funny, thought and biting. But of course the success of that movie opened the flood gate of movie spoofs and our world hasn’t been the same ever since. I remember the on the bottom of the Scary Movie poster was the tag line: No Mercy, No shame, No Sequel. And look how that turned out. Oh well, I guess we should be grateful that it doesn’t look like Pamela Anderson Lee Rock Salomon Lee is in this one. That’s gotta be worth something right?

Mike Morrison