>And the producers of every teen drama rejoice.  No longer will they have to rely on One Republic, Augustana, The Fray and Kelly Clarkson.

Yes that’s right folks.  Coldplay makes their triumphant return Tuesday.  Well sort of…..
From 12:15pm UK time.(5:15am Calgary, 8:15am Maritimes) for one whole week you’ll be able to go to Coldplay’s official site and download their newest single Violet Hill.
Me likey free music.  Especially free music that will inspire me to play over and over again while I look longingly out a window while it’s raining thinking about the one that got away or that movie I should have rented at Blockbuster.
Not that I’m still not going to download the whole album, which is called Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends,  the second it comes out on Itunes on June 16th!
I wonder what will be the first show to pick it up for their final scene montage will be?  Probably the Hills.

Mike Morrison