I’ll be honest, when I first found out about Mystery Town Tours, it took me a second to figure it out.  By now, we’ve all heard about Escape Rooms, and when I heard about one opening in Canmore, I thought “Why would you want to be trapped indoors when you’re in the most beautiful town in Canada?” And clearly, that’s exactly what the people behind Mystery Town Tours thought too. Because instead of an escape room that keeps you inside, they’ve created an escape room experience that’s has you exploring Canmore like never before.

Created by Andrew Nickerson, pioneer of Alberta’s popular Canmore Uncorked Food and Drink Festival, Mystery Town Tours combine the fun of a treasure hunt, the clue-solving challenge of an escape room, and the excitement of an optional race against a leaderboard – taking you behind the scenes to “hidden gem” secret spots you wouldn’t know. The way I see it, it’s basically The Amazing Race, and what could be more fun than that?

Mystery Town Tours are available in different lengths (90 minutes to a full afternoon) and levels of difficulty (simple to cryptic). Tours can be experienced any day, rain or shine – just dress for the weather. Since some tours cover up to 6km, so you can choose to walk or take your bike.

What I love about this is that it’s a completely new way of exploring Canmore, which has no doubt been a popular destination for many of you. It’s sorta why I wrote Calgary By Bike a few years ago. I wanted people to see Calgary in a new light. It really isn’t about the destination sometimes, it’s actually about the things you see along the way. As cheesy as that sounds.

I haven’t had a chance to check out Mystery Town Tours yet, but it’s 100% on my radar. What a fantastic way of exploring Canmore with friends and family!   Right now, there’s two different types of tours – each based on a different mystery to be solved: Unchained Melody (3-5 hours, $99 per group of 2-4 players) and Smuggler’s Blues (1-2 hours, $49 per group of 2-4 players).

If you get a chance to try this, let me know!  I love an innovative business idea and this sounds like a lot of fun!

Mike Morrison