>While I was home in New Brunswick for the holidays, I noticed some new ads on the tv from the provincial government.  These ads are target ted at getting young people to stay in new brunswick. Ignoring the fact that they are about three years too late (better late than never I guess), I was impressed with the effectiveness of them.  Mostly I’m impressed with the fact that they left out the whole “officially bilingual” thing, seeing as how that is the reason many of us left in the first place.

There was one ad in particular that did catch my attention.  Mostly because of how nervous it made me.


What’s the big project? Why so secretive?  Is new brunswick in the business of spies?  Or nuclear terrorism? Because that would be pretty cool.

Oh and to clarify, it’s not that we don’t “WANT” to be in New Brunswick. It’s that we can’t work in New Brunswick. But that’s another story for another time.

Back to the entertainment stuff!

Mike Morrison