Well this is surprising! As someone from New Brunswick, I know the province as a peaceful and kind place, but apparently that all changes when New Brunswickers get behind the wheel!

A new survey of over 1,500 Canadians, commissioned by autoTRADER.ca, reveals that drivers in New Brunswick are the angriest, as 61% of people in the province admitted to having road rage. Quebecers boasted to having the least road rage, with 70% of people surveyed in the province saying they do not experience the emotion, followed by Nova Scotian’s with 58%.

I don’t understand how a province that has regular access to Greco Pizza and McLobsters has to be angry about, so what has them all worked up?

Well according to the survey which asked drivers about pet peeves, every thing from tail gaiting, speeding, not speeding enough and people disobeying traffic signs.

Here are some more results of the survey:

·30% of respondents named texting and talking while driving their #1 pet peeve
·20% of Canadians hate drivers who tailgate
·25% of Canadians admitted driving speed is a pet peeve
·Almost 18% of Canadians are annoyed by those who don’t signal

One result which really surprised me was that only 27% of those who talk and drive said they use a handheld device. Seriously?  To those 27%, what are you thinking?  I honestly haven’t done that for years, it’s so freaking dangerous!  That’s just crazy!
Man, getting around on my bike seems more and more relaxing.
What do you think? Agree with the survey?  Have you ever experienced road rage?


Mike Morrison

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