Top photo by Neil Zeller
This post is sponsored by CF Chinook Centre

How’s the song go?  Like a bridge over troubled MacLeod Trail….

Or something like that!  This past weekend, after nearly two years of construction life for those who bike, walk and train to CF Chinook Centre got a whole lot better, and more importantly, safer.  If you’re like me and you’ve like to get around the city as easy as possible, that means sometimes you drive, sometimes you bike, walk or take the train. And when it comes to CF Chinook Centre, I almost always take the train.  I used to have hair before I started trying to park in malls, and we all know how that turned out.

But the biggest barrier to enjoying all that CF Chinook Centre has to offer was always MacLeod Trail. The busy six lane road that’s right beside the mall. The added complication was, of course, that the Chinook CTrain was on the wrong side of MacLeod, so if you wanted to go to the mall, you had to wait to cross the six-lane rode, which is many things, but mostly terrifying. And forget it if you had limited mobility, it was just too risky.

So when the new pedestrian bridge opened up this past weekend, it really was a miracle, because now you can easily access the mall by an accessible and warm +15 system similar to the one found in downtown Calgary.  Sure you still have to walk a block or so from the train station, but the city has also renovated that area making the walk a way more enjoyable experience.

And I know you might not believe me, but if you’re heading to CF Chinook Centre to finish off your holiday shopping, why not take the train?  You now get to skip the stress that’s holiday parking lots and focus on what matters most: Treating yourself to something while pretending you’re shopping for someone else.

Mike Morrison