One of my favorite things to do lately is listen to music. Every day I discover more and more online music stations and websites that you listen to music for free and usually with the artists music permission. My co-worker Jenny just introduced me to Soma FM which is a great independent music station and of course I always have the ol’ stand by at AOL which has about 10 new Full CDs to listen to each weak. I even accidentally listened to Cyndi Laupers new CD other day. My favorite song? Same Old Fucking Story. yeah that was kinda awkward when that came on with a student in my office. Whoopsies.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that you can all listen to Alanis Morisette’s new album Flavor of Entanglement at MuchMusic’s First Spins for free. There you will also find Martha Wainwright’s (Rufus’ sister) new album too! Even though I’m willing to bet my Buffy DVD collection that not a single song from it will ever be played on crap like MuchMusic even though it has a great title like I Know You Are Married But I Got Feelings Too.

Do you know of a great music station that will of all our workdays go a little bit faster? Let me know in the Comments!
And P.S Itunes don’t think I didn’t noticed that you took away the Free Single of The Week. I guess I hadn’t realized that things were so tough for Apple these days.

Mike Morrison