A couple of days ago Netflix came to Canada during a hugely hyped debut in Toronto.

Since then people have been asking me:  What the hell is Netflix?

Well, I actually had access to the service about a week before it debuted, so I was able to give it a proper-go and I am happy to report that it is actually pretty cool.

But back to what it is:  Plain and simple it is the end of the video store.  Essentially it is no different than the services like Rogers or Shaw on Demand.  Except that instead of paying per view, you pay per month and at only $8 a month, you are getting a really good deal.

So what do you get exactly?  Well you get a lot of TV shows and movies.  Many you’ve never heard of before and some you’ve completely forgetton about.  The library is not that impressive but I’m told it will be growing as the service becomes more and more popular.

What’s great about Netflix is that it streams online, so you can watch it on your laptop or hook it up through your tv.  You can watch it on the Wii or PS3.   My nephew and niece tried it on the PS3 this weekend and loved it. And they are grumpy and bitter children, you take it from them.  Think Youtube without the pesky copyright laws and ads.

One week in, I’m kinda sorta enamoured Netflix.  The service is so user-friendly it is like they are in my mind.  I’m recommending it based on the fact that their library will hopefully be growing.  Right now, it could easily out-grow its often random selections of movie and tv titles. Yet it is able to get newer titles and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then I will have no problem canceling my cable bill!

Mike Morrison