>Has there ever been a more insane week.

But thank goodness it’s friday and we can just take a deep breath and…..dance.

My favorite song right now is Young Love’s Find a New Way. Some of you might remember it as the theme to the awesome guilty pleasure that was the reality show Dancelife last year. The series only lasted a season but MTV is currently airing reruns on weekday afternoons and if you get a chance to catch it, you should. It’s like The Hills only these guys are actually talented and the drama comes off as little more real….even if it probably isn’t.

Since SYTYCDC and Dancing with the Stars are finally over, you can now fill the void with the other great dance show.

Since Universal music is lame and won’t let you post their videos, I’ll just have link to it. But check it out, it is impossible to only listen to this song once!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!

Mike Morrison