>NBC was the first to announce it’s new Fall schedule this week and while on “the bubble” shows like My Name is Earl and Chuck will have to wait until next week to hear their fates, NBC did announce 6 new shows that will start airing in the fall.

Here are the best and worst:

WORST: The Jay Leno Show
Shit, I thought we were getting rid of this guy. The sad part is, is that this promo is funnier than 17 years of the Tonight Show combined. So sadly, we know that the Jay Leno Show won’t be any funnier. Conan O’Brien is totally getting screwed on this deal.

Community: Who doesn’t love a good Community College dramady. Especially if it has the goodness that is The Soup’s Joel McHale. I assume this means that McHale will be pulling double duty and not be leaving his clip show. If Kelly Ripa can do it, so can Joel. Plus how can a show with Chevy Chase go wrong.

This is already my favorite new show of the fall….on NBC. Again, not saying much.

Mike Morrison