Just to warn you: there won’t be very many blog posts this morning, because today is a very big day for me! I’m making my national television debut!!! This means I will be in studio all morning, hence the belated blog posts.

I’m actually going to be taping the Michael Coren Live show and it will be airing later on tonight. Check your channels for the cable network called CTS. It should be airing around 5, 6 or 7pm depending on where you live.
We are going to be talking about all things entertainment news, ranging from Paul Haggis, Jon and Kate, Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski, Balloon Boy, Noah Cyrus and David Letterman!
It should be a really great time! Plus a whole hour of me!!!! Aren’t you excited?!?! (crickets.)
Make sure you watch tonight!!!
UPDATE: Here is a picture from the Calgary studio. Sure glad I didn’t wear green!

Mike Morrison