>Stampede is just over 50 days away!

That means we are just over fifty days from mini-doughnuts, chuckwagon races and of course stranger’s vomit on your toes!
Ahhh stampede.
The full Nashville North lineup has just been announced and any country fan will tell you that it is definitely worth the often four hour wait just to get into the tent!
Adam Gregory (listen here)-Friday, July 3
Deric Ruttan (listen here)- Saturday, July 4
Shane Yellowbird (listen here!)– Sunday, July 5.  
Aaron Pritchett (listen here!) – Monday, July 6. 
George “what’s myspace” Fox and Kentucky Headunters (listen here)-Tuesday, July 7
Crystal Shawanda (listen here)- Wednesday, July 8
Jason Blaine (hey jason, your myspace isn’t working!) – Thursday, July 9.  
Joe Diffie (listen here)– Friday, July 10.  
Gord Bamford (listen here)-Saturday, July 11
Emerson Drive (listen here) – Sunday, July 12.

Mike Morrison