This Saturday, a local clothing store will be doing one of the craziest fundraisers for prostate cancer that I’ve ever heard of!  The event is being called #nakedespy on Twitter and it is being hosted by Espy Clothing in Inglewood.

So what is #nakedespy? Well here is a great explanation by the owner of the store, Megan:

In case you are in an office where you can’t watch videos (I’m sorry), Espy is offering an entirely free outfit worth up to $400 for the first thirty guys that show up in their underwear on Saturday. The store opens at 10am and if you are one of the lucky thirty, you’ll get socks, pants, a tshirt, shirt and maybe even a jacket and all you have to do is make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Centre here in Calgary! Better yet, you’ll have your very own personal stylised to help you pick out your clothes with you!

Because I’ve always had such a great time when I went into Espy, I went in on Thursday to see if they could help me update my wardrobe before the weekend. In a matter of a few minutes, stylist Nicole Saxton helped me feel like a completely different person.

Yes, I know I need to get me some shoes.  But still…wow!  I went in looking like I spent the day working at a yard sale!  It is amazing how much better you feel when you are wearing clothes that actually fit!

So do you think you could show up in your underwear just to get free clothes?  I don’t know if I can do it!  But don’t worry, if you aren’t the first thirty, the next thirty guys get 50% off their bill. And if you are a guy participating in Movember, you should swing by too, you’ll get 15%

Can’t wait to see all the people who show up. Hopefully the bylaw officers haven’t heard of #nakedespy yet!

Mike Morrison