We all make poor choices. It’s inevitable. Whether they be in the form of a perm, stone washed jeans, voting conservative or for Ryan Malcolm. Mistakes are apart of what makes us human.

But if you can stop people from making the same mistake, I think you should always do this. Especially, if it’s going to save them money.

So Ladies and Gentleman, you are welcome: Vantage Point is one of the worst movies in recent movie history and I would recommend that you try leaving your hand on a hot stove top to test your pain threshold then go see this movie.

I honestly don’t know how or why this movie was made. More importantly how did they get respectable movie stars like Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver, Dennis Quaid, William Hurt and to a lesser degree Matthew Fox to sign up for this movie. The only thing that makes sense would be if they were contractually obligated to do it for one reason or another.

When my friend Tricia and I went to go see this movie this past week we didn’t know much about it except that it had a stellar cast and it was doing pretty good in the box office. Typing that out now, I can see the error in my ways. Oh why oh why did I trust the North American viewing public.

The one good thing about this completely unrealistic movie is that we were not alone in the theatre. Pretty much everyone there shared our sentiments by joining us when we laughed out loud at the ridiculous lines and so called “plot twists.”

We left the theatre in complete disbelief. Why invest millions and millions of dollars into a movie and not fix simple things like a consistent and accurate plot. How the hell did the little girl end up randomly so far away from where her mother was supposed to be? Why did Forest Whitaker feel the need to film the cops chasing the terrorist, why didn’t the cops seem to mind? How did the mother, who lost her daughter, end up further away than the FBI agents who were running and driving through the streets in the same direction? How did the president know who was there to rescue him just by the words “Mr. President”? And those are just the questions that I remember. Thanks to TV my memory is completely shot and I am lucky to remember my passwords.

I guess what I am really upset is that Vantage Point could have been oh so very cool….maybe cooler than 24! But instead it was lamer than me trying to play a sport. In theory it should be good, but in practice…not so much.

So please, heed my warning and don’t go see Vantage Point this weekend. I am not kidding….it’s really really bad.

Mike Morrison