(Photo via Neil Zeller)

Reach: 64,980

In terms of corporations doing social media campaigns, #BellLetsTalk is likely one of Canada’s most successful. I’m glad this tweet got so much reach because almost every day I interact with people who think “gay issues” are done. But they are far from that. For Canada’s LGTBQ youth, the battles of every day life are still very real. So I’m thankful that Bell’s promotion allows us to continue that discussion, because it’s an important one.

Reach: 64,954

As the world seems more uncertain than ever, I take comfort in the coziness that is Canada. Or that could just be the pot talking. Kidding! But it’s true, 2017 is the year that pot will become legal in Canada. Still can’t believe it. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. If you’re an investor, I’d buy some stocks in Doritos ASAP.

Impressions: 57,515

I like this tweet for two reasons: It was tweeted on my birthday! And second, it was so exciting to reveal that Kelly Oxford was the keynote speaker for SocialWest, which is my digital marketing conference that takes place here in Calgary. It was a big year for Kelly too. She was named Canada’s 2016 Twitter star and was named one of Canada’s women of the year by Chatelaine Magazine. Her #NotOkay Twitter campaign focusing on confessions of sexual assault, undoubtedly saved lives. We were so lucky to have her at SocialWest!

Impressions: 41,364

I almost deleted this tweet because Trump is just so depressing. But there’s no denying it, he won. This was likely one of my most popular tweets because none other than Don Cheadle retweeted it. America, good luck.

Impressions 34,271

The last part of my year was consumed by this tweet and others about Jason Kenney, who is running to take over the PC party and then try to merge the right leaning parties to take on the NDP. I wish my top tweets were all positive and great news. But they aren’t. As I was saying about the BellLetsTalk campaign, in a way it’s humbling to know that the fight for LGTBQ rights isn’t done just yet. So we keep fighting. We fight for a better Alberta and a better country. If this tweet reminds me and you to do that, than that’s a great way to remember 2016.

Mike Morrison