Do you know what?  I love Taylor Swift.  I don’t care if you just rolled your eyes all the way to back to your neck. I think she’s an awesome example for teenagers and gosh darnit, she writes catchy freakin’ songs!  It’s been two years since I saw her in concert at the Calgary Stampede and I still talk about the show as one of the most enjoyable concerts I’ve ever seen.  Is she technically perfect?  Probably not.  Does she have a ton of fun, write relatable songs and still manages to not become a Hollywood mess?  Yup.  So far so good.

Taylor Swift appeared at MuchMusic on Thursday night to talk about her new album and as always, she took time to chill out with her fans.  The above picture is the one that MuchMusic sent out to media and it definitely gave me a chuckle.  I saw it and immediately thought, “Was it also a Taylor Swift lookalike contest?”

I love the girl immediately behind Taylor on her left. Seriously, when was the last time you were THAT happy?  I love it.  I need to do something this weekend that will make me that happy.  Any suggestions?

Mike Morrison

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  1. I don’t really mind her as a human being. She seems like a sweet enough girl. But boy oh boy she sucks live. And that’s only judging from her performances on TV and awards shows. But I’m open minded.

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