>Something fishy is going down on Canadian Idol this year. Sure there is the quickly edited auditions and Ben Mulroney is still alive (proof that birthday wishes don’t come true). But there is something more, something good, something really good. What I’m talking about is this year’s talent. Seriously folks this Top 22 is U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E. I’m going put it out there and say it, the best Top 22 in any Idol I’ve ever watched, yeah that’s right Simon Cowell, I’m talking to you. This is how you pick an amazing group of singers. There isn’t a Sunjaya or Scott Savol in the bunch. Let’s break the Top 22 down that I was able to grab.

Naomi Joy: I don’t like to bring up the past, but aren’t I the one that said that this girl was the one to watch? Even though her voice cracked during her final version of Breath, she still made it. Also, why did the judges call her a rocker, she is about as rocker as me!

Brian Mello: The judges seem to love this guy, but I don’t really get it. Sure he has a great voice, but I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it. Maybe it’s because he went to the Phil Stacy School of wearing hats to hide that your bald. Not cool Brian, not cool.

Khalila G– This girl didn’t stick out for me very much, but I will call her “Cripple Helper”

Carly Raie Jepsen……..I’m saving her for last.

Tyler Mullendore: This Neil Young protégé is certainly unlike any other Idol before, but the sunglasses? Give Jasmine Trias a call, she’ll tell you all about wearing the same look all.the.time.

Tara Oram- The country singer from Newfoundland got me thinking about a trend I’ve noticed on this year’s Idol. Could they be copying a little bit of our Idol to the south. Tara is a Kellie Pickler doppelganger. And she isn’t the only one…..

Dwight D’eon- At first I thought Chris Daughtry had packed on the pounds and decided to audition for good ol’ Canadian Idol, but turns out this a whole other person! He is good, but the chin strap beard really Dwight? Really?

Clifton Murray-The judges thought he looked good on TV. I think he thinks he looks good in a tanning bed. Yikes layoff the Miami Tanning Clifton.

Annika Odegard is from Calgary and I don’t want to make a big deal about this, but I actually knew she was going to make it. A little Idol birdie told me. Yes! My first scoop.

Kamila Miller, She is the girl with the big afro from Toronto. I like her because instead of saying she has “pizzazz” she said: “I have spazz”

Christine- Has probably my favorite voice in the competition. Let’s hoping whatever that creepy doctor gave her will keep her in the competition.

Greg Neufeld was in the Top 22 last year. He seems like a nice guy, but he had his shot. Canada didn’t vote for him, to me that means go away to wherever Top 22 Idols go to die. But now he is going to get the pity vote. He’ll be safe to the Top 10.

Justin Wesley met his now girlfriend Scarlotte at the Toronto auditions; now he made it and she didn’t. That’s going to be an awkward summer. Also, for the record I would like to say that Justin reminds me of that creepy guy that was always at music or band camp that always had the girlfriend that was ugly but had big breasts. I don’t like him.

Liam has long bangs and is from BC. That is all I know.

Ritcha Hodge: Belong in the: “Aren’t you Paris Bennett” file. It looks we pretty much have Season 5 of American Idol all wrapped up.

Derek Hoffman is known as the “?” and now that’s how I will refer to him all summer. He was the one that Montana had a crush on. Speaking of Montana…..

Montana- Was pretty much the star of the last two episodes. She was a given to make the Top 22. I just hope she doesn’t let her personality get in the way of what this show is really about!

Matt Rapley- Oh Ruben Studdard somehow snuck into the competition. Oh wait, that’s someone new? God now I’m really confused.

Jay Dee Bixby- His the country singer from Alberta and by far the funniest 16 year old I’ve ever “met”. Also, he is by far the most searched name on my blog, according to Stat Counter. Although it would seem everyone would like his name to be spelt J.D. Bigsby. Well Canada you can’t have everything!

And in the “where the hell did you come from” file we have:

Andrew Austin
Martha Joy

Most surprising elimination:
Ben Griffen, from Montréal was very unassuming, and I hated watching his heart literally break on stage. That one was rough. “put me in coach, I’m ready to play.” Huge Likeability. Huge Disappointment.

Sad that he was eliminated, cause I wanted to make fun of him all summer:

Paul Clifford: Why? Well cause he looks like if the members of Rascall Flatts mated with each other anda hobbit and had a child. With a raspy voice and the British accent, it would have been a summer full of laughs.

My choice for the Canadian Idol:

Carly Rae Jepsen- This girl is amazing. Seriously, she makes me at least consider giving up my membership to Mandy Moore fan club and starting a whole new one for Carly. This girl is going to win the whole thing, as long as she can keep her emotions raw and doesn’t wear stupid hats.

My choice for the final two:
Carly vs. Jaydee
It will amazing. You’ll see.

Oh god, did I just write about Canadian Idol for the past two hours. Yikes. It’s going to be a long summer.

Oh and Ben said that since the Top 22 was announced someone has dropped out! Guesses? I say it was Justin because he didn’t want to let his girlfriend out of his sight. What do you think? Must. Stop. Writing. About. Idol.

Mike Morrison