Tonight ABC and CITYTV will are the series finale of Scrubs.

Deep Breath.
The finale entitled appropriately, My Finale, will be an hour long and if the last two episodes are any indication, this show will be going out on a high note.  And even though there are rumors, that ABC is trying desperately to keep the show on the air, the show for all intensive purposes is ending with JD (Zach Braff) leaving the hospital to be closer to his son. And if you saw this week’s How I Met Your Mother, you know that Sarah Chalke has some other things planned.
 So even if the shows continues next year, the cast will be different and so too will the show.
So what are you doing to prepare for the emotional finale?
Here’s what I have planned:
  • warm pyjamas
  • room temperature skim milk
  • popcorn with salt and vinegar flavour
  • a box of tissues
  • a bottle of wine to be consumed jointly with the milk (don’t ask).
  • a clean kitchen
  • wine.  did I already say wine?
So long Scrubs, you will be sorely missed.
Can’t you stay a little longer to dress said sore?

Mike Morrison