Perhaps the greatest example of how Canadian television differs from our American counterparts is City TV’s My Rona Home.

In the States they have Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Where a deserving family gets whisked away to a tropical location, while their home is destroyed, rebuilt and becomes the mansion of their dreams.

In Canada, My Rona Home makes couples build their own home “from frame to finish” in Calgary and if the lucky couple wins the show, they get the keys. The other contestants get to leave knowing they just provided weeks of free labour. But because they are Canadian, they all seem happy to have helped out.

But since we still have cool reality-fare like Survivor, The Amazing Race or Big Brother, auditioning for My Rona Home will have to do! Plus, a free house is a free house, right?

If you want to audition, now is the time. They are accepting applications until October 24th.

Mike Morrison

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  1. Haha! And in the second example of how it differs from U.S. TV: I’ve never heard of it! Despite reading home renovation blogs almost exclusively. It sounds delightfully lame. Makes you proud, doesn’t it?

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