So did you watch it tonight? Did you watch the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice? What did you think? I thought…well honestly I was too distracted with two major issues.

1)What is the point of a Private Practice if half the patients they are going to see end up having to go to the hospital? I mean really who would choose to give birth in what looks like a living when so many things can go wrong during child birth, as they did tonight. Maybe it’s the American medical system I don’t understand but I just don’t get it.

2) Is anyone else creeped out by the pediatrician (paul adelstein) is also a sex addict? They obviously aren’t going to do any creepy stories about it, but it just seems too close to the fine line. I hope they kinda let his sex addiction thing fall by the way-side.

Other than that I don’t think Private Practice is the next Joey, but it certainly isn’t Frasier. I’ll tune in next week. Will you?

Mike Morrison